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The purpose of this service is to bridge the gap between you as a traveler and locals of the destination you are heading to. If you know the same information a local knows, then you will maximize your travel experience to the extreme. The number one problem when visiting a new place is ambiguity and lack of information. Travelers often report that they don't know what to expect. Usually, travelers don't really know the destination they are visiting and they only gain or have superficial travel experience.  We tried to bridge that knowledge gap by getting a local to write extensive travel manuals divided and sorted by different categories for you. Then, we adjust the language and grammar to introduce the information to you in the best way possible. We try our best to introduce the information in a fact-oriented, simple, straight forward, non-redundant, non-ambiguous, non-emotional, and crystal clear way. Every time a travel manual gets sold, the local who wrote it gets a percentage. That way we guarantee all parties' benefits are aligned together and we get them to provide updated and accurate information very frequently. The categories of a travel manual are Hotels, Hostels, In-City Transportation, Money Saving Tips, Culture, History, Restaurants, Safety Tips, Scams, Hiking, Safari, Between Cities Transportation, Locals Hangouts, Luxury Hangouts, Music.  Maximize your adventure in your next destination. Belong to the new family of Piritravels.Com and get more offers and discounts as you buy more services. Read the information at your convenience from any device since Piritravels is multiple device-width friendly.  Have unique travel information that can not be found between all the ambiguity, anonymity, inaccuracy, redundancy, misleading, superficial, and bothering advertisements of other websites. All that will be offered to you for a very small fee. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked. 

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