Cook like a local

Book a One on One online video cooking class with a real Chef. Have him help you live with steps, timing to add ingredients, and his/her cooking techniques. Save money on your favorite food and learn to cook it yourself. Surprise your family and friends with your newly learned cooking skills.  You can learn dishes from many different countries. Press on a country a flag and you will see many dishes and chefs ready to teach you. Belong to our big community of online learners and cookers. Connect with cookers from different cultures and learn their traditions and the philosophy and the context behind their food. Have the lesson at convenience and freedom of your time and schedule. Strengthen your cooking knowledge as every cooker has his own personalized way of cooking and food signature. Become a unique cooking person in your circle of friends and family by cooking delicious dishes. And, they don't have to know the secret of that :D! Also, if you are a restaurant owner or a chef, and would like to introduce a new dish to your menu, this cooking service can still help you. Why have one kind of food in your business? Now, you can learn many dishes from many cultures around the globe from professional chefs just like you. If you are not satisfied with the class, we are going to refund you 100% of the class value. No Questions Asked.

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