PiriTravels Website idea was inspired by a Traveler who has been to 20+ countries. Faced with difficulties and travel challenges, he decided to make a website that would make the travel experience for both Low Budget and High Budget Travelers as easy as possible. Inspired by his own life experience, he has two pearls of wisdom for you.
-Whatever is missing in your life, you will find it when you travel.
  Yes, please read this again. I can almost assure you that you will find whatever is missing in your life when you travel. 
-Low Budget Traveling is the highest form of inter-personal investment, you can do to yourself.
  Please think about this. There is no such thing as I spent  15K Dollars/Euros/Your Currency during your Backpacking/Travels. You invested that 15 K in seeing and widening your life perspective. you invested this 15K in inter-personal communication skills. You invested this 15K in getting rid of any stereotypes or closed-mindedness. You invested that 15K in enhancing your humane side. You invested 15K in getting rid of the Auto-Pilot Brain Mode that drains your life day in and day out. 

Our Mission


PiriTravel's mission has two parts. The first one is to facilitate the process of Traveling as much as possible by eliminating the problem of ambiguity and misinformation during travels. We want to build a strong bridge between locals and travelers. We want to convey the knowledge of locals to travelers so they can maximize their travel experience. Nobody knows a town or city better than its locals. So, why not just be like them? Nobody knows how to cook authentic food like a local. So, why not just learn from them? 
The second part of Piritravel's mission is to create alternative earnings opportunities for locals to help them with life necessities. It is such a great loss when someone has a great skill or possess the knowledge and does not use it to generate income for himself or herself or be underpaid for it. We live in the era internet. Any skills or knowledge that you have can be sold to someone who needs to learn it. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to turn travelers into locals. When you are about to end your travels and go back home, we want you to feel like you were transformed into a local with the help of PiriTravels. We want you to feel like you have gained a new cultural identity through your travel experience. Also, our vision is to get locals to interact with travelers as much and as often as possible in a safe setting. Our vision for Piritravels is to be the new international hub where people meet, exchange information, learn from each other, make money, and better their life. 

Our Services

As of the moment, Piritravels offers two types of services. The first service is "Read Posts By Locals" This service is aimed to get locals to write authentic travel manuals about their cities and towns. Instead of wasting time in the different corners of the internet and travel blogs to get information filled with superficial, ambiguous, inaccurate, and anonymous sources, we authenticate that information through a local, adjust it for grammar, and present to travelers in a crystal clear way so that they benefit from it.  The second service is "Cook Like a Local". This service is one on one online video cooking classes. We get a local chef or skilled cooker from a specific country or a city that you have a cultural interest in, and he/she teaches you how to cook his/her authentic food in a video call step by step.