PiriTravels Website idea was inspired by a Traveler who has been to 20+ countries. Faced by difficulties and travel challenges, he decided to make a website which would make the travel experience for both Low Budget and High Budget Travelers as easy as possible. Inspired by his own life experience, he has two wisdoms for you:
-Whatever is missing in your life, you will find it when you travel.
  Yes, please read this again. I can almost assure you that you will find whatever is missing in your life when you travel. 
-Low Budget Traveling is the highest form of inter-personal investment, you can do to yourself.
  Please think about this. There is no such thing as I spent  15K Dollars/Euros/Your Currency during your Backpacking/Travels. You invested those 15K in seeing and widening your  life perspective. you invested this 15K in inter-personal communication skills. You invested this 15K in getting rid of any stereotypes or closed-mindedness. You invested this 15K in enhancing your humane side. You invested 15K in getting rid of the Auto-Pilot Brain Mode that drains your life day in and day out. 

Our Mission

PiriTravels mission is to facilitate the process of Traveling as much as as possible by eliminating the problem of ambiguity and lack of information during travels, connecting Travelers with local Organizations, Connecting Travelers with Locals, and perform safe cultural exchange.    

Our Vision


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